October Party Themes


October is almost here and I love sharing new party ideas. Themed home parties are so much fun.  It is easy for the hostess and I am able to help her keep things simple.

Here are some theme parties for the month of October (or anytime):

How about a Football Wives party?

football wives party

I am football fanatic but what a great way to pass the time for those who are not into football (or hockey).  I told my hubby just the other day, he got me hooked on football and now I am the one yelling at the TV during football games.  We have some NEW Fall prints which will give you a chance to shop for the men in your life so they can sport their favorite team’s colors.4347bad3acf34b429d415c4837ef2de4

Chocolate Lovers Party – Serve chocolate goodies. Guests bring their favorite chocolate bar.  We play a chocolate game and the winner takes home ALL of the chocolate bars.  I mean who doesn’t love chocolate…

funin fundaising

Fundraiser Party – October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Why not support your favorite cause at the same time guests are doing their shopping? I will donate 25% of all sales to your organization or cause.  Encourage guests to bring their gently used bags to be donated to a local shelter and I will give them a discount on their new purchase. A win-win for everyone.b4f2ca2633a840278d1024a91784899e-1Halloween Party – Do you like Halloween? Challenge your guests to come in costume and earn a gift.  Trick or Treat bags from me.  Serve apple cider,pumpkin pie or candy apples.images

Brunch – Nights too busy?  Busy moms would love a moment in between dropping the kids off and the next errand to grab a bagel or donuts, and a fresh cup of coffee or tea. This is can be done as an Open House but for a shorter period of time. It solves so many concerns – no time, what to serve & keep things short and sweet. A great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning or that week day morning when the kids are at school.

Men’s Only Party – Invite the men for an afternoon of football, pizza, soda (or beer) and Thirty-One.  Set up a display and let them shop for Christmas presents during halftime, tell them that when they place a $35 (or whatever) order, I’ll wrap the gift for them.  I will help you gather a wish list from your friends (their wives/girlfriends) to make the shopping easy.

What are some of YOUR favorite October party themes? Share them with us.  Better yet, when you have one, take a picture and post it here so we can all see the fun!

Have a Thirty One-derful day!

Failure is Your Path to Success


This is a re-blog of a past blog…. by the time you read this, I will be on the road to North Carolina.  Hubby and I are going to grab breakfast at Taylor Sam’s and then be on our way.  Our goal is to be in Sylva by 10PM……Hmm???

Today is going to be Tip Tuesday courtesy of Shari Hudspeth.  One of my all time favorite trainers.  Not only did I get to hear her at Thirty One’s National Conference but I also had the opportunity to meet her at a Leadership Retreat held by my Director, Hope Shortt.

I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

What makes a person successful?  Think about it, the people who are looked up to as being successful in their field have a common thread…They have all made mistakes – many of them and often failed in their efforts to succeed.  So, what makes us any different?

Why do we look at people who are tops in their field and only see the end result – fame, fortune, success?  Have you ever said “I don’t want to set any goals because I’m afraid I won’t reach them.”?  Maybe you didn’t say it outloud but I can almost bet at some point in your business career you thought it.  For some, it is easy to toss the thought aside and move forward.  For others, the task of changing the mindset is a little bit more difficult.

Fear of failure is normal. You are not alone if you are afraid to set goals, to step out and take the action that will make your dreams a reality.  The big question we have to ask ourselves is, “Do I want it badly enough to do whatever it takes to get it?”

WOW!  That last question hits home for me because there are some days I don’t think I want it badly enough.  I make excuses why I can’t pick up the phone, book parties, or recruit new consultants.  Then there are days when I jump right in and don’t let anything stand in my way.  What’s the difference, right?  I actually keep remembering what Shari says: “Failure is your path to success.”


So what, you messed up a call – I do it all of the time.  The best laid plans go array, so what.  You ask some one to book a party, they say no – so what.  You stepped outside of your comfort zone.  Haven’t we always been told “practice makes perfect”.  Okay, so I am not shooting for perfection but I am practicing stepping out of my comfort zone.  With each mistake, I get better and better.  Things get a little easier – approaching potential customers or recruits, picking up the phone, or asking people to book a party.

I tried to have my own business before and each time I learned a lesson.  First was the premature baby clothes and learning about retail sales.  Next was being a consultant to non-profit agencies and learning how to share what I do to help them and their clients.  Now with Thirty One, I am learning every day.  I love being challenged despite the fact that Doubtful Debbie likes to stop by for a visit.

So, are you ready to step out of your comfort zone to take the action you need to so you will go in the direction of your dreams?  Take the first small step – STRETCH!  If you fail, so what.  Get up.  Dust your self off and start again.

Remember the people who you admire as a success all failed during their life so why should you be any different.

Don’t let another day go by without moving in the direction of your dreams. There is nobody more worthy of living their dreams than you are!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


On the Road Again….

monday morningActually, it is time to head to North Carolina.  I have been waiting for this day for what seems like FOREVER!  Rob and I are packing the car and heading out…

Okay, so technically, we leave in tomorrow morning – unless I can convince him to start driving down this afternoon.  We are headed to see Belinda, Ashley and the 4 grand-fur babies.  I LOVE road trips but honestly, I just LOVE to travel.  Anywhere.  Any time.  This one is even more exciting because we are unplugging or at least as much as I can when it is the end of the month.  No plans except for sitting on the porch, playing with the dogs and going to a football game.  Books are packed.


The car will be packed full with things for NC as well as some of our stuff.  The best part is I will be OPEN for business as we travel the highways.  I will be able to share the gift of Thirty One with EVERYONE and ANYONE who even smiles my way.The car will be a billboard of the many uses of all of our totes.

Okay, so it may be a little extreme.  The truth is as much as I advocate stepping out of your comfort zone, I am always a bit hesitant.  You know the inner gremlin starts telling you “no one wants to hear about YOUR stuff” or “really, who do you think you are?” – I have him under control.

The BEST way to move ahead in your business or your life, is to step out of our individual comfort zones.  It is a step of faith, trusting God will lead you where he wants you to be and he has the next step planned for you.  If you aren’t stepping out, you are spinning your wheels – burning energy by staying put, in other words STUCK!

OUCH!  Did you feel the smack on the back of the head.  How many of you have given up on progressing in your life?  Maybe you figure “I will never have XYZ” or “I will never be able to ________”.  These thoughts keep us stuck.  There are the thoughts that keep us from growing and moving forward.

So, I am challenging you to let go of the things you’re holding on to because they are comfortable.  I challenge you to take your next step of faith, trusting God will be there to lift you up.  I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Join me as I step out of mine.

I would love to hear what happens.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

You Are (Un)Invited

imgresThank you LYSA TERKEURST and Encouragement for Today for this message:

The party sounded amazing. The people I’d heard were going are easy to be with, incredibly fun and all have mad skills in the kitchen. And when I saw the invitation posted on a friend’s refrigerator, I smiled at the creative brilliance.

The only problem was I didn’t get one.

I’d checked my mailbox for days.

Every time I walked down the driveway empty handed, I assured my sinking heart that because we live in the country, my mail is always one or two or seven days behind everyone else’s. No big deal.

But three days before the party when the invite still hadn’t arrived, I ran out of assurance. I lost the pep in my rally. And I realized I was, in fact, not on the guest list.

When I ran into one of the hostesses later that day, I lobbed out the equivalent of a Hail Mary throw in the final seconds of a game, “What do y’all have going on this weekend?”

And then I felt as pitiful as the quarterback who watches the opposing team take what would have been his shining star moment and turn it into an interception.

She replied, “We’ve got plans with friends most of the weekend but would love to catch up with y’all on Sunday after church.”

And that’s when the hardest of all the realizations hit me.

We weren’t invited because they simply hadn’t thought to invite us. We weren’t in the circle of “weekend plans with friends.” Immediately, the thought that hopped on me and stuck with super glue tenacity was, I’m not good enough.

I smiled and told her I’d check with Art to see if that might work. I mean checking with my husband was crucial because our schedule was jam-packed full of all kinds of urgent plans with Netflix. And, hey, for a cheap thrill we could always get a jump on paperwork for our tax returns due in four more months.

I didn’t want to feel pathetic, but I did.

Middle school had come for an unwelcome visit bringing with it all the wonky feelings wrapped up in, I’m not good enough.

I seriously thought by my 46th year of life these feelings would be but a vague memory in my distant past.

So, why is it still an option for a grown woman like me to feel like the lonely middle school girl who never got asked to the dance?

Since I had all kinds of thinking time that weekend, I kept pondering that statement sitting on my heart, You’re not good enough. And finally, in the late hours of Saturday night, I had a slight breakthrough.

“Good enough” is a terrible statement. Nobody ever wants their friends to say, “Well, I mean, you’re good enough.” I would never want my boss or my husband or my kids to just say, “You are good enough.” No child would ever want their parent to say, “You’re good enough.”

Absolutely not.

We’re better than good enough. God made us to be amazing people who learn and explore and create and give and delight and love. He made us full of potential and purpose. He tucked His full wonder inside us so we could help others find our God to be wonderful.

He made us to reach out not pull back.

He made us to believe the best before assuming the worst.

He made us to freely give grace, realizing we so desperately need it ourselves.

He made us to add goodness, see the beautiful, and rest in the assurance of His lavish love for us.

Never ever for one second did God look at us and say, “My goal for this one is to simply be good enough.”

So I wasn’t invited to the party. I decided to see that gift of time as a special invitation by the Lord to be with Him.

Dream with Him. Be loved by Him. Be doted on by Him. To be held by Him. James 4:8 says all I have to do is draw near to Him, and He will draw near to me.

Would I still love to be invited to the next party? Of course.

But even if I’m not, having a night with the Lord is good. Very good. Better than good enough.

Because with Jesus I’m forever safe. I’m forever accepted. I’m forever held. Completely loved and always invited in.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Organize with Thirty One

Today’s post is a re-print of a blog by the Joyful Organizer.  I LOVE her blogs and she has some great tips for all areas of your life.  This one talks about what else… two of my favorite Thirty One Gifts products.

The Joyful Organizer has been a fan of Thirty One Gifts for a while now…. Here are some ways to organize things that I commonly find in my client’s homes.  It’s not about replicating what I’m doing here, it’s about thinking about how you can make a difference in your own home and daily life.  Scroll down to enter to win a set of Oh Snap Bins (embroidery included!).OhSnapBin- joyful organizerI was able to try out a set of Oh Snap Bins.  The patterns range from whimsical and bright to subtle and sophisticated.  Each little bin has a set of snaps.  These come into play if you want to keep all the bins next to each other.  Snap them together and they will stay put.  Each bin also has a loop on it so you can hang it off of a bar or from a single hook.  Take a look at some of the things that would great in this set of totes.  Use them together or separately.  They are shown here on a Command Hook.

13319901_1062008987171586_4804042839479064821_n 12687886_992112324161253_3426455824056274930_n

The next item I’m going to share with you is one of the greatest bargain’s in organizing products.  The Essential Storage Tote is just $28 and can be used for just about anything.  And I mean anything.  It’s made of a durable material that’s easy to clean, quick to dry and stands up to whatever you throw at it.  The nylon straps are easy to carry and the the base of this tote allows it to stand on it’s own and hold a lot of gear.  Here are some items that can be stored in this tote.  I had fun looking around to find things that were loose in the car, on the floor, etc.Essential-Tote - jyful organizer

Clockwise from top left:

Clothes-this makes a great mini laundry basket!  Awesome for little kids to carry around

Books-Library books going to and from the library….keeping them in one spot means you’re less likely to forget them.

Gym Bag-Since it’s open and fires quickly, this bag won’t stink!

Dog Gear-I put in my dogs’ life jackets…awesome after a salty swim!

Beach Bag-Towels and pails and sunscreen, go my!  It all fits in here.

Sports equipment-Store dirty, smelly gear that normally rolls around the car in one bing that’s easy to grab and bring to the field.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!