Boost Your Confidence


Do you know what day it is????  It is WOOHOO WEDNESDAY… a day to celebrate YOU because you are AWESOME!

Alright, it may be a little over the top.  Maybe today is not a day your feel awesome.  Health struggles.  Family issues.  Financial issues.  I know the list goes on and it is th0se negative feelings which eat away at our confidence.  I have been there (and on some days still am).  We are going to change your thinking today.  We are going to boost your confidence.  The results are going to be an amazing kick butt day.


Do you know confidence is what turns your thoughts into action? It is impossible to be successful without it.  When you are confident, you believe you can, you believe you are worthy, and you believe you will ultimately succeed.  When those inner gremlins get in and create insecurities, your confidence waivers.   There are just a few shifts you can make to immediately boost your confidence:

#1 Open your arms. Sit up straight.

A simple step but it works!  Before we dive into shifting your thinking which will boost your confidence, let’s start with this: Change your body position.  The position of your body sends a signal to your brain about your state of mind. When you slump your shoulders or cross your arms, you are  protecting your heart and shrinking with a goal of being invisible. So right NOW, roll your shoulders back and lift your chin – this is a signal of your courage to be seen and be bold.

#2 Get a small win.

Self-efficacy – your belief you can accomplish your goal – can be built.  When your confidence waivers, set a small goal you know you can achieve and do it.  A small win boosts your confidence to go for bigger wins.  Instead of focusing on the weight you need to lose, focus on taking a walk or moving for 30 minutes.  Credit card debt overwhelming?  Set a small goal of paying off $250 in the next 2 months.

#3 Own your flaws.

We all have them because we are human.  We all make mistakes.  We have all been embarrassed about a choice or two we have made.  But here’s what matters: You’re still here and you’ve made a decision to keep moving towards your dreams despite your imperfections.  Think of it like this: “Yeah, I messed up and I’ve learned from it.” “No, I don’t have a lot of money in the bank, but I’m done beating myself up, and I’ve saving now. A little bit at a time.”  It’s not easy, but it’s honest. It’s freedom. Own your flaws. Don’t hide them. Get comfortable with your own imperfections. When you do, there’s no reason to hide. And people can’t use them against you. It’s a bold move freeing you to show up fully – just as you are.

#4 Drop the belief you need to know all the answers.

This was probably the hardest thing for me to learn.  Did you know one of the biggest thieves of confidence is the fear we’ll be found out – simply we won’t know the answer, won’t know how to “do” whatever it is we need to do.  The fear leaves you constantly anxious about messing up. What if you simply dropped the belief confidence is about knowing everything? What if instead confidence was about your ability to find the answer if you don’t already know it? With this new belief, the pressure to know everything instantly diminishes. Go into meetings and conversations with the attitude, “you won’t fake it till you make it”.  Be authentic. “I don’t know, but let me find out.”

What area of your life do you feel insecure?  When are you most likely to lose your confidence? Share your struggles and your tips with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Tasty Tuesday – Pumpkin Pie Pudding

Today’s recipe is from Sarah Kay Hoffman.  Be sure to check out her blog…


I LOVE pumpkin anything.  I have acquired a taste for Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frap with coconut milk and no whip (okay, so I splurge once in awhile).

This Pumpkin Pie Pudding is the perfect blend of gut-healing goodness and fall-flavored inspiration. It is gluten, dairy, soy, corn and nut free.  It’s also more of a JELLO than a pudding, but it’s also kind of a cross-over of JELLO meets pudding.

Prep time: 10 mins              Cook time: 2 hours
Serves: 6-8

1.5 cups full fat coconut milk, divided
½ cup organic canned pumpkin
1.5 tbsp gelatin
2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 tbsp vanilla extract


  • Place ¾ cup milk, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla extract in a medium-sized mixing bowl.
  • Bring the other ¾ cup milk to an (almost) boil on the stove in a small pan.
  • Teaspoon by teaspoon mix the gelatin into the hot water.
  • Add the gelatin mixture to the rest of the ingredients.
  • Using either an immersion blender (I love THIS one) or hand mixer, mix together all ingredients until smooth.
  • Transfer to a serving dish, cover, and refrigerate until hardened.
  • Serve as-is or to give a boost of sweetness, make my homemade, non-dairy whip cream.

If you try it, let us know what you think……

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Save Money Grocery Shopping


Thank you to Makingsenseofcents for some of these tips….

I went grocery shopping this past weekend – nothing special, most of us do it every week, right?  It is only hubby and I so you would think it would be relatively cheap, right?  I only cook twice a week with enough to freeze meals for the week while he is at work.  I am always amazed the total is about $100 a week.  Eating healthy with lots of fruits and veggies is expensive combined with no dairy, no gluten and no soy products.

Did you know the average family of four spends around $700 to $1,000 a month on food?  Did you know most families waste around 40% of food each month!  That’s about $300 on an average monthly bill of $750.  YIKES!!!  Wouldn’t you rather keep $300 in your pocket? Here are some tips to help you………

#1 Plan your grocery trips with a list.

I know, you try.  You make a list of what you need.  You scour the circulars to find  sales, and the best deals.  Then you realize you have to go to 4 different stores to save money but are you really saving if you have to spend the money on time and gas?  Or, if you are like me, I make a list and half the time I forget to take it with me.  Shopping without the list is a bad idea.  How about putting your list on your phone?  When was the last time you left home without your phone?  I also tag where the sales are on the items I need so if I am running errands and go by the store, I stop in quick, pick up what is on sale and nothing else.

#2  Meal plan to save money on groceries.

Meal planning can completely change your life. We eat healthier, we save money, and we waste less food.  Planning doesn’t mean just in your head, it means actually writing it down so everyone knows the menu for the week.  It makes life so much easier.

#3 Use coupons when grocery shopping.

Do you use them?  I will admit I was a coupon cutter for years then I got out of it.  Now, I do most of my coupons through apps at the various stores.  I also take advantage of other apps which reward me for shopping – Cartwheel from Target, Whole Foods app, Receipt Hog and Shop Kick.  What are some of your favorite apps?

#4 Don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry.

This one is HUGE for me especially now when my diet is restricted to no gluten, no dairy and no soy.  Shopping when you’re hungry leads you to spending more money and not sticking to your list or your budget or your diet!

#5 Compare prices on items.

I was a name brand snob for years.  The truth is generic items aren’t always cheaper than their name brand counterparts, but sometimes they are.  I price compare our most frequently used products and get the best price for them whether they are generic or not – cheaper (with the same taste) is the name of the game.

#6 Don’t forget about the top and bottom shelves.

Did you know the middle shelves at grocery stores contain the most expensive items?   It is usually where people’s eyes are usually drawn to this area.  When you go shopping, be sure to scan prices and items on the other shelves to make sure you’re not missing out on a better deal.

#7 Sign up for grocery store’s loyalty card.

I know this may sound like a no brainer, right?  Most stores now have loyalty cards where you can save 10% or more on your purchase each time.  I have a key ring in my purse with LOTS of these cards.  They are all in one spot and easy to use.  Not a store you usually shop at – check with the person in front or behind you in line, they may be willing to share the discount with you.

#8 Shop with cash.

This is toughest one for me… I am a debit card girl all the way.  Hubby is the cash person.  The truth is one of the best ways to save money on groceries is to go shopping with only cash.  By doing this, you stick to your grocery list and your budget because you know exactly how much money you have to spend.

What are your best tips for saving money on groceries? Share them with us..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


To the One Who Feels Unfinished

Thank you Gwen Smith for today’s message…..

unknownIt took four years of fresco painting for the Italian Renaissance sculptor, painter, architect, and poet Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, to finish the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Commonly known as Michelangelo, his time painting was mostly spent alone, on his back, lying on scaffolding. (How painful!)

The painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is one of the most remarkable in the history of Western art. One thing is for sure: the process that altered a ceiling from plain to fabulous required a lot of time, great discipline, and the hand of a master artist. The same is true for us. The journey from broken into beautiful is a lifelong transformation that requires time, discipline, and a Master Artist.

As Michelangelo was working, I’m sure that lots of people came through the corridors of the chapel and stood in amazement. As they looked up at the beauty of his work, I imagine they said things like, “That is the most fantastic work of art I have ever seen!” or “Extraordinary!” To which he might have said, “It’s not done!”

But, I ask you: did the unfinished state of the project negate that parts of the ceiling were beautiful? No! The parts that were complete would still have been extravagant and breathtaking to the average person.

Maybe this is the way God and others see our lives.

At times people may notice the work God has done in us and comment on the beauty. I don’t know about you, but even though compliments are nice to hear, I’ve been known to resist them. (Admit it. You probably have too.) It’s not so much a humility thing as it is an “I-don’t-see-myself-as-beautiful” thing. From my limited perspective, I can see only the unfinished work. But in truth, my vantage point doesn’t negate the beauty of the work God has done and is doing in my life. The same is true for you.
Real beauty isn’t about a finished or flawless product. It can’t be. It’s not possible on this side of eternity to have completed beauty. Our restoration will be complete in the presence of God when we see Him face to face.

Now, you might be saying, “But Gwen, I feel like I can’t be restored or beautiful. You don’t know what I’ve done…or what I’ve been through…or about the mess that I’m going through right now!”

Friend, God knows where you have been, what you have been through, and where you are now. He sees your flaws and loves you in spite of your imperfections. His tender love is far-reaching, grace-filled, and complete.

Your past sins do not define you.

Your painful scars do not define you.

Your present sufferings do not define you.

They are just shards of brokenness that God will use to lovingly refine your beauty.

The transformation from broken into beautiful is neither easy nor instantaneous. It demands a yielded heart and can be quite painful, but it comes with great reward. To get started, God will need your broken pieces—your scars, shame, insecurities, disappointments, betrayals, and failures.

Do you have some of those?

Are they tucked away in a safe, do-not-enter part of your heart?

If you’re ready for God to do a beautiful work of transformation in your life then it’s time to do some serious heart-business with Him, friend. You might find it hard to hand over hurts. I get that. It’s hard for me too. But difficult as it may be, when we hand them over, our Master creates a stunning work of beauty in our lives.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Make a Difference with Chemo Cares Totes

Make-A-Difference-Daylogo-version-3Make a Difference day was started in 1990. It is a national day devoted to helping others by doing volunteer work in the community.  It can be almost anything – just doing something to make a difference in the lives of others.  Today, millions of Americans will participate in community improvement projects. Maybe by cleaning up, fixing up, painting, and making repairs in neighborhoods or in parks or non-profit organizations.  It doesn’t matter what project you take on. It doesn’t matter whether you help a non-profit organization, the community, your town, nursing home, a church, a food kitchen, or any other group in need. What matters is you participate.

This is a great way to get the kids involved in giving back to their community. Make it a family outing. The joy on the faces of others as you make a difference in their lives will make a difference in your own life too. My mission is to make a difference in the lives of others.logo-fb-cover

My vision is for a world where women are not judged on their circumstances but empowered to learn from them so they can have harmony in their life and make a difference in the lives of those around them.

I try to make a difference in the lives of others whether it is with a smile, a thank you, a card sent in the mail, or holding the door.  I want to help organizations (and individuals) raise needed funds to pay a bill or for their kids activities or for holiday presents. I want to help them to share their SPARKLE with friends and family.

Today is the kickoff of my “CHEMO CARES TOTES” Campaign.  Now through November 15th, I will be collecting sponsors ($25) for THERMAL totes filled and delivered to the Infusion Unit at Community Hospital for individuals going through treatment.


Cancer has touched my life with the loss of family members – my grandfather to lunch cancer, my Aunt Elsie to breast cancer and my Aunt Edythe to kidney cancer.  I spent many hours in the Oncology Units with Elsie and Edythe as they underwent chemo treatments.  I held their hand when they struggled with the insertion of the needles in their pic line.  I was there when they were sick from the chemo and sat by their bedside when they were too weak to go out.  As a friend said #cancersucks.  It takes many from us long before their time.  It ravages families.  It leaves children parentless.  It has parents burying children way to soon.

Recently due to my own health struggles, I have spent many hours in the infusion units of the local hospitals.  I am blessed to only have to be there a short time – time for blood work and special testing.  The many women I have seen are not there for a one time visit, they are there for weeks of painful treatments.  They smile and carry on conversations  while encouraging each other.  My heart breaks and the tears come each time I leave the unit for I know what their struggles are like.

Don’t make it just one day a year to “make a difference”. Consider helping others on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. I know, the holidays are coming and you say there is no extra money. Volunteering your time is another way to make a difference. A small random act of kindness can make a difference too. Small gestures can make big changes.

What will your commitment be to help others today? M ake a difference on Make a Difference Day!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!