Write Faster

Image by Sarah Reid.

More blogging tips from Hoot Suite and Evan LePage, that will help you write faster….

Skip the Introduction

Fast writers often skip their introduction. This allows them to write the piece without trying to fit it into the constraints of a lead they laboured over in advance.  The same thinking applies to the headline—it should be the last thing you write.  Very seldom do I have an intro, I just keep writing my thoughts down.

Don’t Get Caught Up In the Wording

Writing quickly is about getting into a rhythm and staying with it. Momentum is more important than the perfect word. It’s always easier to go back, when your ideas are more fully formed.  

Keep Your Research In the Document

Gathering all these notes into the same place is also an effective way to identify the most important content. 

Write What You’ve Got

You know you want to write “4 tips about XYZ” but you can only think of 2.  Don’t waste your time, just write what you’ve got.

Also, in the era of short attention spans, being concise is more effective anyways. Writing 20 tips for anything probably won’t get you the same amount of attention as writing 5 tips. People want to read — and learn — quickly, and move on. Make that easy for them to do.

The ability to write quickly can mean the difference between 100 blog views and 10,000 blog views, especially when you’re trying to capitalize on a new trend or announcement. Use these tips to speed up the process, and make writing a positive part of your workday.

What do you think?  Will these tips help you as you get ready to blog?  Will they help you get over your writer’s block?  Share your thoughts with us..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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