Travel Thursday – Tips for Traveling


Today’s Travel Tips are courtesy of my friend Kim at Coaching with Kim..

Are you thinking about upcoming travel? The days are getting warmer here and I am. Do you try to shove too many things into your days on vacation? I do, and usually it isn’t fun.

It may seem “natural” to multitask and keep a ton of things juggled into the air, but it negatively affects you in everyday life and even more on vacation. It also hurts your relationships, and makes your travel time stressful and less fun for you and those with you.


You get tired, short-tempered, short on time, distracted, inattentive, and sometimes downright rude. It’s a lot like when you don’t have enough sleep. You forget things like telling your partner how important they are or even saying “good night.” In other words, you are less patient when you are struggling to “get it all done” or “see it all” (or attempting to have the “perfect” vacation!)

Not the recipe for a fun bit of travel.

You let doing get in the way of being. By the way, you aren’t human doings, you are human beings.
There are a multitude of books, blogs, articles, and speakers showing you how to “simplify” life, but most of them are really preaching how to manage your time so you can “do more.” They’ll even tell you how to get more done during your vacation and travel. That’s not simplifying, it’s packing ten pounds of stinky manure in a bag meant to hold five pounds – and the poo ultimately hits the fan. Travel (and your relationship) becomes torture.


Part of travel is the experience of being somewhere different. Stop doing more and start being more, even on your vacation. Spend time just being with your partner and/or family in this new and different place. Make it relationship travel. Explore together what it feels like, what you are thinking, what you are experiencing, and what you are learning (about the place or yourself!)

What do I mean by “being” while on vacation?

  • Focus on how you want to be with others, your partner and your family.
  • Identify how you want to act.
  • Do the things you really want to say and do.
  • Look for what is abundant in your vacation rather than what you might be “missing”
  • Be the type of person you want to be.
  • Enjoy what is different and the same about the place you are visiting.
  • Remember it isn’t about the things but the experience
  • Be mindful of each moment and experience it to the fullest.
  • Play some on vacation.

Vacation Va-voom!
The above tips have been helpful for my marriage when I travel. What does it look like? I budget in extra time to enjoy with my husband the unexpected that comes up. We don’t over-plan each day; we have a few things we’d like to do and take detours as well. Often we spend time somewhere just observing the atmosphere and sights – just being. Because we aren’t rushing everywhere, my husband and I truly enjoy our vacations. Because we focus on enjoying the time together rather than “getting it all done” we have a great time.

So stop overdoing (especially on vacation.) Let go of the extra and pare down to who you are and what your relationship really means. Determine what the vacation is about and follow that road. Focus on the things you truly enjoy doing with your partner when you are traveling and let yourself enjoy being somewhere different. Stop doing all the other distracting things because you think you should. You’ll find your vacation has more Va-va-voom!  If you like these tips and want more, click here!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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