Priority Check-Up 

Today’s blog is courtesy of Girlfriends in God and Sharon Jaynes

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well, (Matthew 6:33 NIV)

To celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, my husband and I traveled to the enchanting Hawaiian islands. While visiting the island of Maui, we decided to explore the rugged terrain and tropical beauty along an infamous road called the Hana Highway. (One commentator noted that calling it a highway was like calling a Volkswagon a limousine.)

The journey promised black sandy beaches nestled among volcanic rock coves, towering African tulip trees with orange-red blossoms, brimming exotic plants tucked among bamboo forests, and breath-taking vistas of raucous waves crashing again rocky cliffs.

Instead of being carted up the mountain in the comfort of a cushy air-conditioned tour bus, we decided to rent a car and travel at our own pace. After all, the tour guide informed us that it would take three to four hours to travel 30 miles to the road’s end. Being city dwellers who move at a fairly rapid pace, we surmised that the laid-back Hawaiian was simply planning to take his time puttering up the mountainside. We were sure we could make the trip in a quarter of the time.

Mr. Tour Guide warned us, “The road is ‘very windy and difficult to maneuver.”

“It’s just a sales ploy,” I said. “We don’t need a guide. Besides, if he can drive that big bus up the road, surely we can maneuver this little Buick.”

I should have had second thoughts as I passed by a T-shirt in the lobby that read, “I survived the Road to Hana.”

The 30-mile stretch of highway was anything but a stretch. It was as if a 2-year-old had held a fat crayon in his chubby hand and scribble-scrabbled circles on a piece of paper. Then a surveyor, mistaking the twists and turns for a map, designed the road accordingly. Yes, there were many spectacular views, but I missed many of them because my motion-sick eyes were closed.

Well, three-and-a-half nerve-wrecking hours, 54 bridges (many of which were one lane) and 617 hairpin turns later, we made it to the crest of the mountain and the end of the Hana Highway. Was it worth the twists and turns, cliff-hanging maneuvers, and near head on collisions? Yes, it was.

The sight that I beheld when we reached the top will forever be etched in my mind. There before us stood a series of seven interconnected pools flowing down from the top of the mountain, each spilling, one into the other via spectacular waterfalls. The rains from heaven pour into the first pool at the peak. When it was filled to capacity, it spilled its contents into a second pool creating a majestic waterfall. When the second pool was full, it overflowed to a third pool, then a fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh. Eventually, the seven waterfalls flowed into the Pacific Ocean.

Watching the seven cascades, I realized God was showing me a picture of my priorities and how they should flow:

Each of the seven pools represents one key area of a woman’s life. As women, our lives must be filled, first and foremost, with Jesus Christ. Then and only then can Christ’s love spill over to our husbands, then to our children, our homes, our friends, our community, and the world.

As you begin another new month, consider your priorities. Are they what you think they should be? Check your calendar. Check your heart.


Let’s make sure we’re spending enough time at the top of the waterfall so that we’ll be filled to overflow into all the other ares in the best way possible.


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