Too Tired To Workout

Too Tired to Workout

One of my BIGGEST goals for the new year is to MOVE and get back to my goal weight.  Over the last 2 years, I have let life get in the way and some of those pounds have slowly crept back.  I have done a lot of talking but the truth is, I haven’t done the work to get there.

I have been using the excuse I am just too tired to workout.  The truth is I wasn’t motivated, I was sitting on a pity pot!  I used my health issues as an excuse not to watch what I was eating or to at least move out of the chair.


As I get ready for the new year, I am wondering if you have been “too tired to workout”. Working out can be different things to different people.  Some think of expensive gym memberships with personal trainers. Others will make a commitment to workout at home.  While others, like me, will simply commit to getting up and moving whether it is a short walk around the block or a game on the Wii.  Yes, I still have mine and I need to dust it off and get busy.

Getting back on track starts with portion control.  Funny, the healthy things (low in Weight Watcher points) I faithfully measure out.  Yet, the other foods – snack foods or higher point items, I eyeball the portion.  How many of you do the same thing?

There was a time when I loved, loved, loved being active.  I was always on the go and working out (or walks) were just natural.  But then the health struggles started and now I

….Am Drained

The comparison inner gremlin has even invaded my weight loss and movement journey.  I see others running and wish it was me.  I see others watching their weight and wish it was me.  I see others “moving” being active instead of a couch potato and wish it was me.

I am battling with this – big time. Yes, my joints ache.  Yes, I get exhausted after a short walk especially in the cold.  Yes, I am out of breathe just walking up the stairs some days. So out come the excuses.  If I workout in the morning, I will be drained all day.  And if I wait to workout until night time, I have used up most of my spoons for the day, so I don’t have any energy left.


I never, ever, ever, ever wanted to find myself here. Ever. I reached my goal weight (with lots of struggles) and swore I would NEVER gain any back.  Never say never, right?

But each day, I am beginning to battle it less and less…

I have set a goal of 3,000 – 5,000 steps per day and I will keep moving even if it is walking around the condo in circles till I reach it.  Once consistently reached, I will up it to 5,000 – 10,000 steps.

I will stop beating myself up for the past and focus on what I can control – TODAY!

I will figure out my own workouts, intensity levels, and find MY balance instead of comparing myself to anyone else.

I will focus on the other things which bring me joy instead of focusing on the negative.

But for today, I am just too tired to workout.

Are you too tired to workout?  Share your solution..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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