I am getting ready for another Vendor BINGO event..


BINGO is a great way to build your business with friends as well as turn those “boring” home or Facebook parties into a happening event!

I am using BINGO as a way to encourage my customers to place orders and have some fun all from the comfort of their home.  All customers who place an order during the month of October will be able to play BINGO with us LIVE on Facebook in November for a chance to win over $200 in FREE prizes.

I posted this in my VIP group on how guests/customers will earn FREE BINGO boards and a chance at $200 in FREE product…

Earn you NOVEMBER bingo card by doing any or all of the following in October:
** Place a $34.99 order or less, earn 1 card
** Place a $35 order or more, earn 2 cards
** Host an October party, earn 3 cards
** Book a party for November (before 10/30/17), earn 3 cards
** Join my team (before 10/30/17), earn 5 cards.

At the end of the month, I will mail out actual BINGO cards with an invite to join me LIVE on Facebook on Sunday, November 12th at 8PM.  This will be a closed event only available for those who earned BINGO boards.  Everyone who joins LIVE will earn a FREE board for December’s game.  See the ripple effect to keep orders coming.  We will play 5 games of BINGO with each game winner earning FREE product from my stash.  I have LOTS of stash!

The night of the party…..I will go LIVE and before each game starts, I will show the prize they are playing for.  I will be using current products as giveaways so it is a fun way to let people see products and maybe even place more orders.  If enough people place orders, I will draw a winner for the hostess benefits.  All of these for placing an order during the month.


This game works for you in so many ways!!

  1. It gets people excited and interacting in your FB party or VIP group.
  2. If you post it the night before the party, you can also remind them to come back the next night to join in the fun LIVE.
  3. You are encouraging people to place orders which helps you to reach your goals.

The next day, send a message to everyone who played,  and thank them.  DO NOT sell or offer anything, just reach out to say thanks.

There are so many ways to change this up to fit YOUR business.  Can’t wait to see how it works for you….

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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