A Simple Act of Kindness

Since starting my journey as a social worker over 30 years ago, I have always given back to help those who were struggling.  From Easter baskets and Christmas presents for the kids whose parents were struggling with HIV/AIDS to coats and school supplies for those in need – it is so much easier for me to give than to receive.
During my 8 years with ThirtyOne, I have done various give back programs.  From zipper pouches for our military and kids in the hospital to Chemo Care Bags to Dialysis Care Bags to totes for moms moving into their forever homes – we ( my AMAZING customers have been the key) have done it all.
As part of my blog I was doing a monthly Give Back With Me program.  This allowed individuals to nominate people and I would surprise them with a random act of kindness.  The nominations would come from far and wide with stories which touched my heart.  Here is one of those nominations:  Cristina nominated her friend Karen.  She wrote: “she is a person who just keeps pushing through even though she has faced many battles. He greatest battles have been fighting off several types of cancer. She keeps fighting them off and different ones pop on up. She has also recently decided that she wanted to be a mother and even though she isn’t married she worked to achieve her dream. Just this past November she had a baby girl, via surrogate, and is now happily a mother. Yes, it’s hard to be a single mom battling cancer but she takes it all in stride. She is such a strong person!”  It was a blessing to be able to surprise her with a tote filled with goodies.
Angels are a gentle reminder someone cares.  Do you know someone who could use some “happy mail”.  I would like to send one of my angel charms to someone who needs a blessing.  I will mail them a charm with a note stating this is a gift from you!  The cost – $5 to offset the cost of mailing.  A small price to pay to make a difference in the life of a friend.
Fill in the form BELOW to get started.  I will send you an invoice via email for $5.00.  Then I will send out an angel charm with a card of love from you.

Who could YOU send an angel to?  This could be someone who is:

  • battling an illness
  • going through a difficult times
  • someone who has impacted you in a positive way
  • struggling mom
  • a recovering addict
  • or just someone you want to pour some love on!

So if you want to make a difference in the life of someone – think of someone submit the form or email me at HopesAngelConnection31@gmail.com and together we will make a difference!

Have a blessed day!