All About Me

If you’re a busy mom, business owner or both who wants to have a system for organizing so you have more freedom to do what you love, and make a difference, then you have the HOPE Factor.

It’s tough when you don’t feel like you have enough motivation or enough time to organize either your home or your office. But when you have the desire to make the change you need to right tools. Consider me your tool belt for organization.

My life has been a journey including: growing up in middle class family, parent’s divorce, drug addiction, bulimia, single mom, social worker, entrepreneur and a wife.  The road has not always been easy but with God’s help, I have survived with many gifts and talents I want to share with those around me.

When I am asked “my why” for what I do, most would expect me to say the money or the flexible schedule BUT the truth is I want to make a difference in the lives of others.  Of course I want to pay the bills BUT it is about what the money can do which is more important to me.

I was the struggling momma.  A single mom who was an addict – work AND drugs.  When the bottom fell out, I had nothing.  I headed to detox and rehab not knowing what the future would bring.  All I knew was I had this adorable 2-year old who needed me.  When I came home from rehab, we were homeless.  We stayed with my aunt for 3 months till we got our home back.  It was a struggle.

I had to tell my baby “no” many times.  I had to find ways to do fun things which were cheap. I had to be creative for holidays and parties.  We shopped at thrift stores.  We used food pantries.  We were blessed by amazing friends and family who helped us along the way.

When I became a social worker, kids became my heart.  Kids suffer because of no fault of their own and I wanted them to know someone cared. I wanted to see their face light up. So began my journey of making a difference.

What does it have to do with my Thirty One business?  It is because of my awesome customers, hostesses and team I am able to make a difference.  From Chemo Comfort bags to Easter baskets to our Fight Hunger Campaign – it is all about making a difference in the lives of others.

So won’t you join me on my journey…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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