All About Me

My blogging journey started in March 2013 when a friend/business coach told me to “brand myself”.  She then promptly challenged me to  blog.  I didn’t know what my brand was and honestly, I’m not sure I do now either.  My blog has included sharing my life story,  business tips for others in direct sales, recipes and more.  It changes as my life seems to change.

My life has been a roller coaster journey: growing up as an only child in a middle class family, being a child of domestic violence, parent’s divorce, drug addiction, bulimia, single mom, social worker, entrepreneur, wife, MS warrior and most recently a relapse and recovery.  The road has not always been easy but with God’s help (and my Guardian Angels), I have survived with a variety of gifts and talents.

I was a struggling single momma who was an addict – work, food AND drugs.  When the bottom fell out, we had nothing.  I headed to detox and rehab not knowing what the future would bring.  All I knew was I had this adorable 3-year old who needed me.  When I came home from rehab, we were homeless living with family until we got back in our home.  It was a struggle.  I found ways to do fun cheap things.  I got creative for holidays and birthday parties.  We shopped at thrift stores.  We used food pantries.  We were blessed by amazing friends and family who helped us along the way.  Life got better and my “baby” grew up to be an amazing woman who has her Master’s, a job she loves and is happily married living in the mountains of North Carolina.

I reconnected with my childhood sweetheart in 2002, and in 2011 we got married.  We live in  Central New Jersey and are looking forward to when he retires.  That is the really short version of our 17 plus years together.

Fast forward to May 2018, when I hit bottom again.  The alcohol and shopping via credit cards brought back those old addictive behaviors.  I walked back through the doors of NA to find there is recovery after relapse.  Is it easy?  NO!  The inner gremlins take hold on any given day with the shoulda, coulda wouldas….. I mean at 62 you would think I would have learned, right?  I let down my husband, my mom, and my daughter but most of all I let myself down.

I always wanted to be in business for myself but those addictive behaviors always got in the way.  First it was designing and selling premature baby clothes.  Then I had a consulting/grant writing business for several years while I was working craft shows selling Cabbage Patch and American Girl Doll Clothes.  In 2011, I started my Thirty One business.  I was looking for the discounts but I really was hoping it could turn into a business.  Almost eight years later, I’m grateful to still have my Thirty One business.  The income helps to pay the bills which allows me to work from home which is a blessing during the more frequent MS flare ups.

Over the last year, “The Angel Connection” now known as “Angels by Hope” has taken on a life of its own.  What was just angel ornaments has morphed into charms, necklaces, bracelets and memorial wings.  A guardian angel to watch over you during those tough times.  My guardian angels have always been there for me…. watching over me, keeping me safe, guiding me.

I have rambled on about all of this because I feel like this blog may head on some days in a different direction.  I will still share organizing ideas, Thirty One products and recipes but I also want to share my journey of life with MS and my recovery.   I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, trusting all of this is happening for a reason and knowing my Guardian Angels will keep me safe….

Connect with me on Instagram or on Facebook at Hope’s Angel Connection,  Thirty One Gifts or my Etsy store AngelsbyHope

Have a blessed day!

5 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Hello my name is Lisa I’m a single mom fighting stage 4 lung cancer my bad need of some ex on Social Security now nothing left after the bills for myself wondering if you can help me with a care bag so I would have extra things for me when I have my treatment days thank you

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