Angel Connection

Over the last few months, the creative juices have been flowing.  I sincerely believe God is slowly revealing to me his plan for my life.  Mind you, I have seen it in the past – at least glimpses of it but usually run out of fear or try to fix, manage and control things.

This time around, I am just waiting on things in his time.  At a recent craft show, I was sharing “everything angels” with a customer.  After sharing her story with me, I started thinking about all of the things I love about my angel business.

Over the next few weeks, you will be seeing new editions to “the Angel Connection”.  Not only will we offer ornaments, but there will also be magnets (awareness angels are below), pins, Guardian Angels (charms, mirror hangers, and necklaces). I’m working on something new for the new year too…..

If you are interested in purchasing angels or would like some specially made for your cause, please fill out the form below: