GIVE Back With Me

Last year, I started my give back program with the desire to spread the “rays of hope” to those who are struggling.  I can’t do it without your help….
 January’s Give Back With Me goes to Karen M. Her friend, Cristina nominated her for “Give Back With Me”. Here is what Cristina wrote: “she is a person who just keeps pushing through even though she has faced many battles. He greatest battles have been fighting off several types of cancer. She keeps fighting them off and different ones pop on up. She has also recently decided that she wanted to be a mother and even though she isn’t married she worked to achieve her dream. Just this past November she had a baby girl, via surrogate, and is now happily a mother. Yes, it’s hard to be a single mom battling cancer but she takes it all in stride. She is such a strong person!”
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Every month, I look for someone to send a random personalized gift to of a Thirty One product.  What I need from YOU is…
Nominate someone you know who could use some encouragement, a random act of kindness or just something to make them smile. Fill in the form BELOW and they will get a FREE product with their own personalization!

If you have followed me for awhile, you know my passion is to make a difference – one small act at a time.  Over the years, I have found one of the most fun and rewarding ways to do this is to ‘pay it forward’.

Here’s Who YOU can nominate:  This could be someone who is:

  • battling an illness
  • going through a difficult times
  • someone who has impacted you in a positive way
  • or just someone you want to pour some love on!

Here’s Why I do it:

Many years ago, when I was struggling in my addiction someone made a difference in my daughter’s life.  They didn’t judge her because of the bad decisions I made as a mom.  They didn’t judge her because of where we lived.  They didn’t judge her PERIOD.  They opened their arms and their heart to her.  I decided when I was able – I would make a difference in the lives of others.  Many times it is children who are struggling, many times because of no fault of their own.  To me, the greatest success I can have in my business is knowing I did what I could to make a difference in another’s life.

So if you are ready to start making a difference in the life of someone – think of someone you can nominate and submit it to me below or at so together we can make make a difference!

Thank you for allowing me to use my business to bless those who are struggling. I appreciate the opportunity to partner with you and give back in this way.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!