What Will $1 Buy You?

The Back to School sales have started.  Everywhere you turn there is a sale on school supplies, right?  We rush to Staples (or Target or Walmart) to grab this week’s special for $.25 – $1.00.

Have you ever thought about why a “dollar store” is so popular?  You can now buy anything and everything at the dollar store.  Sometimes we even buy things we don’t need just because it is one dollar.

What if you could start your own business for $1.00?  Seems crazy right?  No risk involved, just the opportunity to earn some money as well as get some FREE and discounted products.  Would you jump on it as fast as you would the “stuff” from the dollar store?

I have been sharing the details in my VIP Customer group for awhile.  Actually as soon as Thirty One announced the opportunity back in July.  See this why it is important to be a part of my VIP group?

Just when I thought this company could not get any better, they offer this AMAZING deal.  

Yes, you can actually join for $1.00.  No, you won’t receive the enrollment kit BUT you will get the chance to buy one once you earn some money.

Maybe you are thinking…. I can do what she does. Or, I don’t have time.  Or, I am not a sales person.  Or I could use an extra $300 per month.  The truth is, when I joined Thirty One 6 1/2 years ago, I was a crazy busy COO for a non-profit who commuted 4 hours a day round trip to work.  Yes, I was a crazy lady.  Still am but now I don’t commute.  LOL.

Yes, I made money from the beginning.  How?  I carried and used the products.  I shared it with my co-workers.  I handed out mini catalogs everywhere I went.  Oh, did I mention I was planning my wedding at the same time that year.  I get life is crazy busy – kids, work, family… and the list goes on.

When you join us this month before the holiday shopping season starts,  you get to make some money so you could have a CASH holiday season.  Wouldn’t it be nice? There are TWO options to joining our Thirty One family and the Rays of Hope Team. Check this out..

You join for $1.00.  You invite your friends to your launch party (online or home) and I will do it for you.  You received hostess benefits (FREE and discounted products), you get to keep all of the bookings from the party, you earn commission (25%) and business credit (25%**). 

Here are the details on the NEW Start Swell program where you earn credit towards business supplies….

If this was in effect when I joined, I would have had $360 in credit – not bad for a hobbiest or a part time gig.  Yes, I had no intention of doing Thirty One full-time when I started.

Look at what you can earn as a Hostess during the month of August.  Look at this NEW limited edition product available to hostesses for a minimum of a $200 party! But the best part is, if your party jumps to $600 or more, you get this for FREE!  Two bags for the price of one.

I get it.  I have been the crazy momma  but I can help you make it quick and easy!  I will be happy to come to the baseball field.  At the pool – I will come there. No big presentation, just a party on the go – complete in about 1 hour. OR how about an online party? We can do a Facebook party for 31 minutes LIVE or a theme party over 4 days. Lots of themes to pick from with fun and games.


Have questions, feel free to call/text me at 609-457-4249 or complete the form below:

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


The Gift of a Lifetime


The stores are starting to fill with holiday decorations – and I don’t mean Halloween! Are you already dreading the holiday season?  Why?  Does it mean credit card bills, a limited budget for gifts or maybe it means working crazy hours.

What if you could make your own hours, make extra money AND get your holiday shopping done at a HUGE discount?  Do you think it is impossible?  The truth is for the first time in MANY years, I will be paying cash for Christmas gifts.  All of this is thanks to my “purse gig”.

Want to hear the BEST part?  You can join our pink bubble for just $1.  Yes, you read it right.


So what’s the REAL deal?

Now till October 14th, you can join Thirty-One for $1+ the website fee, which is $14.95. This does not include the $99 enrollment kit or any paperwork…BUT…

You get ME and a whole team to help you.  We will set up your launch party on your website where all your friends and family can order from your launch party!  When you host your own launch party (with my help), you are going to get SO MUCH in return!

To start with:

  1. You earn ALL hostess benefits!
  2. PLUS You earn the COMMISSION!

So you can pick your OWN kit with your hostess credits and commission from your first party! You can personalize it the way YOU want to ensure you are a walking billboard for your business.

There is MORE!

We’re going to get you to a $600 launch party. And then, you ALSO get to pick 1 of these SIX kits for FREE! This is our Start Swell Program for new consultants.


So, now you have.

  1. Joined for $1 + website fee
  2. Earned all the hostess benefits
  3. Earned 25% commission from your party
  4. AND… one of these start swell kits!

What happens if you SMASH $600 in sales and hit $1000 in sales? You get MORE!

You can pick either a $75 credit OR one of the hostess exclusive items!  MORE product  or you can order catalogs, order forms, anything you wanted!


GUESS WHAT?  This isn’t a one time deal.  NOPE!  You can do get this every month for the first 4 months. YES!  There are actually FOUR Start Swell periods! Here is what it looks like:

Days 1-30: submit $600 pick any start swell kit you want. Submit $1000 get a $75 credit

Days 31-60: submit $600 pick any start swell kit you want. Submit $1000 get a $75 credit

Days 61-90: submit $600 pick any start swell kit you want. Submit $1000 get a $75 credit

Days 91-120: submit $600 pick any start swell kit you want. Submit $1000 get a $75 credit


I know, you are thinking…. this catalog has been out since August so who wants to buy, right?  Well, our holiday guide came out October 1st and it’s HUGE!  It has lots of NEW products as well as some holiday favorites.  Your friends and family are going to love the fun holiday prints and products!  Combined with one of the best catalogs I have seen in my almost 6 years – a win/win start.

Which means YOU…get to start your business with a BANG! For just $1! What better way to kick off your business during the start of the busiest season of the year.   unnamed

So why not join this pink bubble… then gather a few friends and help them get their holiday shopping done. BUT WAIT!!!!

if you ask a friend to join you on your journey, you can earn even more.  If they join in your first 4 months, and they qualify ($1000 in sales) within their first 4 months, you earn $100 BONUS! There is no limit!!!!  The more friends who join you, the more money you can earn.


Did I mention, that on top of all of this you get ME and the Rays of HOPE team to help celebrate, encourage and support you on your journey. Why not try it for 3 months? If it doesn’t work, what is the worst that has happened – you have earned some extra money and gotten some AWESOME products. BUT what if you find out you LOVE it! You could have a new business or even a new career.

logo2014-08-09 18.17.46

Let me know if you have any questions, I would love to answer them for you.


 Here is how you can reach me:

Website: www.partywithHope.com

Facebook: Hope Wissel

Facebook VIP Group: Hope’s Purse Closet

Email: HopeWs31@gmail.com

Have a ThirtyOne-derful Day!