Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I know, the holidays are barely over AND maybe you are just putting your decorations away.  The kids just went back to school and you are trying to get a grasp on the New Year…..Have you been in the stores lately?  Christmas sales are GONE!  Valentine’s Day, St. Pattys and even Easter decorations are out. It is CRAZY!  So I figured I would jump on the bandwagon since Thirty One is having an AWESOME Outlet sale. What better time to shop then during a sale, right?

Thanks to a little help from Thirty-One Gifts, you can convey a message to leave a lasting impression on that special someone’s heart. Forget the box of chocolates – there’s nothing sweeter than a shared memory or sentiment which holds a special meaning. If you want to touch someone’s heart with a truly special gift, check out these customized ideas sure to become their all-time favorite gifts.

Straight from the heart

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without giving someone your heart, right? But if you’re not quite ready for a commitment, why not give a heart on a pillow or tote instead? The new heart-themed print designs allow you to add a heartfelt message to your gift. Each is a graphic print you can add to any of several Statement Canvas products including throw pillows, custom wall art, a Mini Shopper or Zip-Top Pouch.

Bundles of love

There are lots of things which come in small packages, BUT think of all of the AMAZING things which could come in a BIG Thirty-One bag! Why settle on one gift when you can pack lots of love in a tote, caddy or bin?  Create a special gift set with everything your sweetheart can appreciate throughout the year.  Check out some of these ideas:

Design a bin just for him

Put together a sports-themed Essential Storage Tote with game tickets, his home team’s jersey, sports magazines, signed memorabilia or a new pair of running shoes or cleats. Or design a fishing-themed Catch-All Bin with new tackle supplies like bobbers, hooks and lures or packed with a new tackle box or fishing hat!  Guess what??? Those Catch-All Bins are part of the outlet sale (you can save up to 70%)!

Create a special spa package

Fill a Mini Storage Bin with bath bombs, sugar scrub, slippers, beauty products, a sleep mask or even a gift certificate to a local spa or massage therapist. On a budget? Search for DIY bath product recipes on Pinterest. And YES, these are also part of the outlet sale…

Have a romantic indoor winter picnic 

Treat your honey to a personalized Picnic Thermal Tote with chilled champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, fancy cheeses and crackers. (The Leak Lock® lining means you can fill it with ice!) Just spread out a blanket in front of the fireplace, grab a couple of champagne flutes and toast to the perfect Valentine’s Day!  The best part is you can use this year round when you want to take the picnic outdoors.  It is great for tailgating, trips to the park or even road trips.

Add a little sparkle

Were you thinking more of jewelry??? If you want to whisper sweet nothings in her ear, make sure they’re properly dressed for the occasion. Our Gallery™ Earrings and Luxe Loop Dangles are the perfect start to any romantic dinner or a night on the town.

Make her blush

While we have your attention, gentlemen…you should probably know she’s had her eye on these fashion-forward styles in her current favorite color since we introduced them this season! For a fail-safe Valentine’s Day gift she’ll love to carry all year long, choose a Convertible Belt Bag, Rubie Mini or Studio Thirty-One™ bag in Rose Blush Pebble and personalize it with her monogram in tone-on-tone Blush embroidery. (You can thank us later.)

Share the love, ladies!

Even if without a significant other this Valentine’s Day, you can always be Valentine-mates with your best friends, your kids, your mom, your dad, your brothers and sisters – anyone and everyone you love. Valentine’s Day is about appreciation and letting others know you care. We want you to know we care, too! Lots of love to you this Valentine’s Day.  Thank you Thirty One for today’s tips….

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

What Matter’s Most

You hear all of the hype and negativity about direct sales.  You hear about the “scams”.  You hear about businesses closing.  What you seldom hear about is the AMAZING hearts of direct sellers especially those in leadership.

I’m not talking about the BIG fundraisers but about the way many leaders love on their team.  It is the heart of a leader which leads people to a team or a business.  Heart is actually a big reason people are attracted to direct selling and why they stay.  Heart builds relationships and brings joy.  Who doesn’t want more joy in their life?

What matter’s most?

The topic of last year’s Thirty One National Conference and it is a question I ask myself a lot.  When we know what’s in the heart of our teams – we are able to create a strong bond and build a relationship with them.  As a leader, it is up to us to help them identify what matters, it is where their why resides.  I will be the first to admit, I struggle to get to my why some days mainly because of health (memory issues).

As we start a new Thirty One year, I am reaching out to my team (and those potential recruits) to see if I can help them uncover their why.  When everyone has a clear picture of what matters most to them personally, connects it to their business – they will be on fire!

I know, we have all been asked – what is your why?  For most of us, it is about financial freedom, or staying home with the kids.  But is the basic why enough to get you out of bed on a bad day?  Is it is enough to keep you moving forward when there are no parties, or no sales?

It is about digging deeper – uncovering what matters most to them (and you).  How can you tell you have reached their true why?  The emotions will shift and you will hear it.  When I hit my true why, It usually brings tears

I have told the story often of a coaching call many years ago which helped me to work towards and achieve my goal (at the time) of being Director.  Hope Shortt spent an hour on the phone with me asking me questions and helping me to uncover my why.  It was the most emotional coaching call I can ever remember – it brings tears to my eyes even now remembering it like it was yesterday.  What mattered most to me?  My family being proud of me. I wanted to hear their words of affirmation (one of my love languages).  For some, this may seem shallow BUT for someone who struggles with confidence – it was HUGE.

Not sure how to reach your WHY or help your team reach theirs?  Listen and then listen some more.  It is important to have an action plan BUT it is also important to engage the power of their motivation.  A plan won’t work on the tough days if they can’t connect to their motivation for working the action plan.

Here are some questions to help them (or you) connect to WHAT’S important with WHY it’s important.

  • What makes this important to you?
  • Who do you impact when you achieve this?
  • What difference will this make to you and your family?
  • What will it look like when you accomplish this?
  • How will you feel when you accomplish this?

The key to each of these questions it acknowledging what you hear and then repeating it back to make sure you understood their answers.  When you see their emotions shift, you will know they have found their “true” why.  It is then, you can spend time exploring the ripple effect of what it will be like when their why is their reality.

When you connect to the hearts of your team, not only will your business grown but you will also build lifelong relationships. Once they have connected with their why, keep it in front of them.  The motivation of their why will create action, and actions produce results.

Share your why with us… Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



Mindset – Is Yours in the Right Place?

Over the last week or so, the blessings in my life have come in the form of trials.  I would sing “Blessings” by Laura Story but I wouldn’t want to scare you away with my singing.

As we have dealt with my hubby’s heart issues (some form of cardiac failure yet to be determined), my mind set has been changing towards my business and my weight loss.  An ex-boss told me once that when you cry a lot it means that you are growing!  I guess I am ready for a growth spurt!  

When all is said and done, the determining factor in our weight loss journey or in the success of our business is our frame of mind.  If we have doubts, we won’t do it for it is never easy defeating the negative nellie monsters that come with doubts.  The people who succeed at their weight loss and in their business, are mentally and spiritually prepared.  They truly believe in themselves and their Higher Power, knowing that nothing on earth can get the better of them.

As for me, my mindset has undergone a transformation this week.  My Director, Hope Shortt,  did a training call this week on “Successful Mindset” which helped me to answer 3 questions, changing my doubts into believing that I can be successful.  How do you answer these three questions?

  1. Why do I want (my business, weight loss, etc) to be successful for ME?
  2. Why do I want (my business, weight loss, etc) to be successful for my FAMILY?
  3. Why do I want (my business, weight loss, etc) to be successful for my TEAM?
By answering these questions HONESTLY, I am able to move forward with a positive attitude ready to move mountains in my business and reach my goal weight.  What is holding you back from being successful?  Write the answers down to the questions and change that mindset – YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL if you believe it – I mean TRULY BELIEVE.  

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

A Bittersweet Day

WOW!  That kind of sums up yesterday for me – overwhelming happy, a little nervous & grateful.  

No, the overwhelmingly happy wasn’t that I reached my Weight Watcher’s goal but that I lost 2 pounds in a week when I wasn’t sure I was going to loose anything.  At weigh in, after my look of total surprise at a 2 pound loss, I OFFICIALLY set my goal weight of 146 (the top of the scale for my little 5′ 4″ height).  I am just about 8 pounds away!  Talk about shocked.  Okay, so that was the goal all along but in the back of my mind, I don’t think I ever really thought I would reach it.  Call me a “negative nellie” but I could never see myself there.  This is actually possible – I could celebrate TWO of my goals – walking across stage at National Conference as Director (goal completed, just need to walk) AND my goal weight.  Now to make sure that I don’t self-sabotage the track to goal weight.  

Rob and I headed to the cardiologist for his emergency appointment.  He allowed me to come into the room so that I could hear things for myself from the doctor (a praise in itself).  They found fluid on his lungs as a result of some sort of “cardiac failure” but they can’t determine the extent until they finish some more tests.  THEN, a decision will be made about surgery.  Can I tell you how angry I was at the GP for his “surgery NOW attitude”?  I really liked that the cardiologist spent time with us talking about all of the options and laying out a plan that will happen quickly but is manageable.  A script of lasix has already reduced some of the fluid which allowed hubby to sleep through the night – the first time in over a week.  Last night, he was even able to finish a sentence without loosing his breath – another victory.  Yes, we still have tests (EKO on Tuesday, stress on Wednesday) and he is wearing a heart halter for 24 hours ending today but there is not a feeling of panic.  Prayers are still needed because I believe that they will work!

To top it off, even though I had a “senior moment” – I prefer to call is that instead of a “fear/doubt” moment – I was able to enroll in an amazing training program to grow my business called “Super Star University” offered by my Director, Hope Shortt.  This is my time to grow, change my mindset and hopefully be an inspiration to others, especially those on my team.

I am grateful for the path that God is leading me on.  I know that I stray many days looking for quick & easy ways to make my business a success or thinking it will take care of itself but when I lean on God to guide me – all things are possible.  Thank you everyone for your kind words, thoughts and prayers.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.

Upcoming Personal Challenges

The passage “God never gives you more than you can handle” has been a challenge for me in the last 24 hours.  As many of you know, the upcoming weekend was a triple celebration weekend in North Carolina with my daughter.  Plans were abruptly changed yesterday by a simple doctor’s visit.  

Three weeks ago, hubby went to the doctor for what we thought was just allergies. The doctor gave him medicine and sent us on our way.  Since he wasn’t getting any better and in fact, I thought he was getting worse, I convinced him to go back to the doctor.  After an EKG because he had prior heart problems, we found out that the stint in his heart is clogged and he heart is beating at about 150 per minute (normal is 75 – 100).  To say the least, the doc put him on restriction with NO travel which means no trip to North Carolina.  The week’s schedule has been totally changed to include chest x-rays this morning and an emergency visit to the cardiologist on Thursday.  

The toughest part was calling Belinda last night and telling her that we wouldn’t be down.  This has been the longest 7 months without a visit – her home or us down there, for both of us.  Having only been married just 2 years on May 21st, this was the first time that I had to put my hubby BEFORE my daughter.  Being a single mom for about 17 years made me very independent and Belinda ALWAYS came first, no matter what.  This is a hard transition for both Belinda and I.  The “bad mom” thoughts came first, then I did a time on the “pity pot”, and then fear since I have never dealt with heart issues like this.  

As I sit here today, missing my daughter, worrying about my hubby and fearing the unknown of the next few weeks with surgery – I am forgetting about the arms of God that I can rest in, turning everything over to him who gives me strength.  I know that God will be there to give me comfort in the times of fear, he is there to give me strength when I think I can’t go any further and a shoulder to cry on when I just need to let go.  

The next few weeks will be a challenge, I may miss a blog or two and for that I am sorry.  Blogging has become a great outlet for me – Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!