Thirty One Fundraiser FAQs

i do fundraisers

I LOVE to do fundraisers! They are one of my favorite parts of this “job” of mine!
I’ve been doing fundraisers ever since I started as a consultant almost 7 years ago.  I would like to think everything runs like clockwork but you know how fundraising can be, right?  I want to put the fun back into FUNdraising with some unique ways to help you and your organization or cause.

Here’s the TOP 5 ways we can do a fundraiser to benefit YOU and your cause!

The best part, is you can COMBINE any and all the ways you love! Combining a few different ways will ensure success when it comes to hosting a fundraiser with me!

#1 Online Party
This is SO easy! We have a link to your fundraiser on my website and everyone can follow the link to order. 20% of all orders are donated to your organization. All participants get a packet of goodies with a catalog, fliers, and order forms.

#2 Home Show
You can host a home show and invite all your friends and family to see the product themselves and order there!

#3 Facebook Event
Facebook events are GREAT to show people product usage and great ideas on HOW they could enjoy some Thirty-One in their lives while donating to a great cause. I set the entire event up for you and all you have to do is invite your friends. All ordering is done online. Easy peezy!

#4 Trunk Party
You’re already at practice, or church, or somewhere with all your friends. Why not invite them all to a special night where they can literally see all the products and order at a convenient location where they’re already going to be!

#5 Team Party
Each parent takes a hostess packet and collects orders individually and we enter as one big party! This is the most successful way. Each parent has a link to their own orders. It’s easy to track. AND…parents have an incentive from ME if they hit a certain amount in sales!

*Combine this with the online and Facebook event, and there’s no limit to what you can earn for your organization!

**What kind of groups can I help?

People have all different reasons for wanting to earn money for their group. I can help absolutely ANYONE!

  • Baseball teams
  • Church groups
  • Missionary Groups
  • School Trips
  • Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts troops
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Schools
  • Teachers for classroom supplies
  • A family or friend with a specific illness or medical need
  • Relay for Life
  • Breast Cancer Awareness (I would donate to your specific fund or research)
  • Football teams
  • Dance teams
  • Cheer teams
  • Gymnastics teams
  • Softball teams
  • Volleyball teams
  • Show Choirs

**Can people earn prizes?

I LOVE to give away prizes for top sellers. So if a group of people are collecting orders, top sellers will get prizes!

**Do you have to be local to do a fundraiser?

No. You can live halfway across the country and we can still make this a success for you and your group! I have closed a few fundraisers with people who I never saw once. I mailed packets and we communicated over the phone and email! We can accomplish some pretty amazing things with technology!

If you are interested in hosting your own fundraiser, fill out the survey:

Hope Wissel, Ind. Director at Thirty One Gifts